Peace Project Directions

The Peace Projects

Why it’s important

  • The ECMCS Peace Projects are part of the educational experience and culture of our school. As a charter school we are accountable to the community to show the value of the charter school.  We are more than just a few numbers on the state school report card. The Annual Report expands on the measurements not shown on the state school report card.  It measures parental input through volunteerism and satisfaction through the surveys that go to all parents, students and staff instead of a small sample as the state school report card shows.  The Peace Projects is another way to show we are aligned with the Montessori philosophy and the ECMCS charter.  It makes a statement seeing all the organizations our students touch and percentage of students that participate in Peace Projects. 

 What to do? (Monthly check-in required for all)

**Every family must be involved in at least one Peace Project event or activity a month**

  • Continue a YLP
  • Do something different every week or every month
  • ECMCS will organize a monthly event that all can be a part of.
  • Student led project for a class to do together

 Monthly Check-in

  • Each student will inform his/her teacher of their “good work(s)” for the month by quantifying or illustrating how they dedicated their time to their project(s).
    • Ways to quantify (which could go towards math or reading homework):
      • Graphs or charts that visualize time spent during the week on their project or what was achieved during the day they participated in a Peace Project
      • Researching the project(s) they are involved in.
        • 1st years could write a couple of sentences about the project
        • 2nd and 3rd could attempt a paragraph
        • Ways to illustrate:
          • Artistic representation (video, drawings,pictures)
          • Journaling about their experience immediately after
  • Check-in date will be the first Monday of each month
    • Will go in their Home Connections copy book
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