Lower El Summer Reading 2019-2020

ECMCS Lower Elementary Summer Reading Assignments 
Personal Challenge
2019-2020 School Year
For Rising 1st, 2nd and 3rd years:



Assignment 1: For all Lower El students 1st-3rd grade
Charleston County Public Library Summer Reading Program Participation Due: Printed out list of all books read over the summer
Due Date: Mon., August 26, 2019
Enjoy this FREE program at any of our locations from June 8 through August 17. Register online at home or at any CCPL branch, and keep track of points earned by reading a story. Reading Log template is at the end of packet.
NOTE: For CCSD students participating in Summer Reading, the username and password are case sensitive. The format is the first 3 letters of your last name + the first 3 letters of your first name + 4 digits of your student ID. For example, John Doe's login is DoeJoh1234. Please remember to capitalize the first letter of their last and first names (DoeJoh1234). Register online for this free program. Keep track of how often you read or listen to stories, and collect prizes.*
Prizes for the Kids Summer Reading Program Children receive prizes for reading or listening to stories at levels of 5, 15 and 30 hours. Awards include the S.C. Reading Medal, passes to local attractions, and branch grand prizes. Enjoy nearly 700 programs that include live animals, storytellers, music and other exciting events. One page or one minute = one point. Earn prizes when you reach 300 points (5 hours), 900 points (15 hours) and 1800 points (30 hours). 


Assignment 2: Book Report for Rising 2nd and Rising 3rd Years. (template is attached at the end of the document)
Due Date: Mon., August 26, 2019

Children will bring it to school the first week. 

Students will choose a book read over the summer and create/write a book report in a bag using the following steps. 
❖ On the front of the bag
➢ Write the title and author of the book.
➢ Draw a picture to represent the story.
➢ Write a caption (under the picture) describing your picture.

❖ On one side of the bag describe the main character from the book/story.
➢ What does the character look like?
➢ Be sure to write about the character’s personality traits and how you know this. (What in the story lets you know the character is funny/honest/scared?)
➢ Did the character change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story?

❖ On the other side of the bag, describe the setting.
➢ Be sure to include time: When does the story take place? In the present, past, or future?
➢ Location: Where did this book take place in the woods, home, country, city, outerspace, farm?

❖ On the back of the bag write a paragraph summary about your book.
➢ Summarize the main ideas/events of the story in chronological order
➢ Make sure to include the beginning, middle and end of the story.

❖ Inside the bag: Place an item that represents or is symbolic of:
➢ the main character
➢ the setting
➢ the problem/event in the story
➢ solution/ending.


Book in a Bag

Here is a summer reading log to help you track all of the books your child reads this summer and a Paper bag book report template.

Summer Book Challenge

The Summer Book Challenge is a personal challenge for each student, not a contest or competition between students or classes.  We are hoping that students stretch themselves as readers and increase their competence, confidence, and reading motivation through their daily participation in our reading community.

We are implementing the Summer Book Challenge because of these core beliefs:
     • Everybody reads! Everybody wins!
     • Strong readers have lots of reading experiences. You need to be a good all-around reader.
     • There’s the right book for you out there somewhere. Let’s find it!
     • Whether you read or not isn’t a choice, but what you read is YOUR choice.
     • Your reading life matters.

Tips and Tricks

Reading can include a parent to child, child to parent, self-reading, audiobook, eBook, magazine, graphic novel, wordless picture books, restaurant menus, Lego directions, etc.  The list includes ANYTHING!

Optional summer work:

Reflex Math

Your child's reflex math account will remain active.  If your child has not mastered the level in which they are working we strongly encourage your child to continue working on this goal over the summer.  If your child completes the addition/subtraction level and is ready to move to Multiplication after the school year. Please email me and I will be happy to move them to the next level.  

If your child is a rising 4th year and is continuing to master the levels. PLEASE, PLEASE have your child work on these skills consistently over the summer.  Multiplication and division are a foundational skill needed for many of the fourth year math lessons.  

Typing: Your child can continue using TypeQuest during the summer. Check out the TYPING section on the website under the FOR STUDENTS TAB. 

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