6th Year Ancient Civilization Research Report Format

6th Year Ancient Civilization Report

Name of Ancient Civilization:________________________

Paragraph 1: Introductory Paragraph:

Introduce the empire and region of Central or South America. Include subtopics that will indicate what the body of the paper will be about. A closing statement is also required.

Paragraph 2: Political Structure

What was the office and rank of the officials in the empire? Were warfare and tribute important to the ruler? Did the people pay tribute or taxes to the ruler? Was the political structure based on city states? Were political alliances strengthened through marriage?

Paragraph 3: Geography

Describe the location of the empire and the surrounding territory. Include a map which indicates the location of important city-states, routes, water sources, temples, or anything else you find necessary to portray the geography of the empire.

Paragraph 4: Economy

How did the empire support itself? Manufacturing, trade, agriculture? Did empires fight for economic advantage or for prisoners? Did conquered tribes have to pay annual tributes? Did the empire have specific farming techniques which helped their economic status?

Choose one from paragraph 5 and 6.

Paragraph 5: Mathematical Contributions  (Choice)

Did the empire contribute significant mathematical discoveries? Did they create any specific tools for mathematical computation or concepts? Be specific by including accurate descriptions and details.

Paragraph 6: Astronomy (Choice)

Did the empire contribute significant astronomical discoveries? Did they construct observatories? Make discoveries about constellations, comets, or other celestial events? Did they invent any devices to advance their astronomical studies? How did their interest in astronomy affect their daily lives? Did they invent a calendar?

Paragraph 7: Architecture

Did the architects use certain principles or methods during the construction of their empires? What was the basic structure that housed the populace? Did they include mythology in their architecture? Were hieroglyphic inscriptions carved into the temples? Did they include windows, doorways, stairs, fountains or royal baths in their designs? Were the temples accessible to the populace? Did the architects include open, grassy areas for the markets or games of the people?

Paragraph 8: Closing paragraph:

Concluding paragraph should re-summarize paragraphs 2-8. Include some significant facts, but do not introduce any new information.  

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