4th Year NA Research Report Format

4th Year Native American Report

Name of Tribe: __________________________

Introductory Paragraph: This paragraph introduces the tribe and where they lived in the United States. Be very specific. Include subtopics that tell what the body of the paper will be about. A closing statement is also required

Paragraph 2: Write about the spiritual needs of the tribe. How does this tribe express ideas and love of beauty and harmony through artistic expression? How does this tribe answer questions about the meaning of their own existence? What types of ceremonies are performed? Do they have a particular way of expressing themselves?

Paragraph 3: Describe the clothing of the tribe. Clothing protects the body and provides comfort. It also has a social significance-social—status, adornment, and modesty. What are the materials the clothes are made from? Skin, leather, hair, fur, wool, feathers, silk, vegetable products, linen, cotton? Did they wear particular outfits for different reasons? Did the women dress differently than the men?

Paragraph 4: What types of foods did the tribe eat? Were they hunters or gatherers? Were they nomadic or stationary? How did they store their food? What type of food did they eat in winter? Was it different than what they ate in the summer? Who hunted for the food? Who stayed and farmed? Who was in charge of preparing the food?

Paragraph 5: What type of shelter did the tribe construct? Was there just one kind? Did they have a summer shelter and a winter shelter? Did everybody live together?

Paragraph 6: How did this tribe defend itself against other tribes or enemies? Did they play sports to help maintain agility in times of warfare? What types of weapons did the tribe use? What was their defense strategy? Were they territorial? Did they go out and raid other villages? Did they take prisoners? How did they treat them?

Paragraph 7: Concluding paragraph should re-summarize paragraphs 2-4. Include some significant facts, but do not introduce any new information.
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