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Art is an integral part of the students' education at ECMCS. Many times what they are learning in the regular classroom is reinforced in the art studio. Additionally, students are exposed to a variety of media such as painting, printmaking, and sculpture, and with a kiln on site, every student gets a chance to work with clay. We study the works of artists both historical and contemporary and strive to develop a language we can use to discuss the art we see. The art studio is always a place the students can experiment, be creative, and expand their problem solving skills. 

Music at ECMCS is an interactive, creative and inclusive experience for students of all backgrounds and experience levels. Through the lens of music, students uniquely experience other cultures with a focus on musical literacy and creativity, drumming singing and dancing their way to a deeper awareness of themselves and their place in the world community.

Physical Education at ECMCS teaches students that they have the knowledge, power and skills to make healthy choices throughout their lives.
All  students have Physical Education once a week for 50 minutes.The class begins with stretches and a warm-up followed by an activity/skill. The class ends with a cool down and review.
The curriculum guidelines for PreK-3 grades focuses on spatial awareness, movement, cooperation and the importance of physical activity. For the 4th-6th grades,the focus is further enhanced with the introduction of sports games and team building games.The 7th-8th graders sign up to join classes such as yoga, cross-fit, cooperation games, volleyball etc... Two classes are offered every 9 weeks.
The mile run is administered in the fall and spring. The state approved fitness assessment,Fitnessgram,is used to score the students within their healthy fitness zone. Weekly practice is given in preparation for the assessment. Last year, ECMCS had nearly 100% improvement in their scores from the fall to the spring. This was a great accomplishment for the students!

STEM class integrates science, technology, engineering and math concepts.  Students in STEM work through the engineering design process: specifically, they solve problems, review and reflect to make improvements, select and budget for appropriate materials, and use creativity to design their projects.  Topics cover a broad variety of career and real-world disciplines.  Students in middle school are learning about mechanical engineering through the design of a robotic arm, and virtual reality technology through Google Apps and a 360 camera. 

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