Our Primary Montessori classrooms are filled with a large variety of individual shelf lessons including Practical Life, Sensorial, Art, Math, Language, Science, and Cultural (geography, geology, biology, botany).

Practical Life (PL) includes taking care of ourselves (buttoning, zippering, washing our hands, etc) and taking care of our environment (washing dishes, watering plants, dusting shelves, etc). All of the PL activities have a Direct Aim (completing a task and strengthening our pincer grip to prepare our hand for writing) and an Indirect Aim (developing the skills of concentration, coordination, and order). Sensorial and Art lessons show the slight differences in height, width, depth, and color. They train our ears and eyes to be ready to read and write. They train our brain for order and progression for math and geometry. We use our five senses to explore and define the world around us.

Math and Language have specific, progressive lessons which start from simple and concrete and move to abstract and complex. Letter sounds and initial sounds of words are then taken to the next step of reading simple CVC and sight words. The pink, blue, and green series work takes the child all the way to phonemic and grammar lessons compatible with a traditional classroom's first grade curriculum. The Math series begins with number amounts and one-to-one correspondence. We then move to decimal work and place value work. The unique Montessori bead work helps children learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide. There are also lessons in geometry, time, fractions, and money.

Science and Cultural begin with an in depth study of North America. Next we move to Europe just in time for Columbus Day. And then we study how colonists came to settle in the New World and engage in wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations. As the weather starts to get colder we start our study of Antarctica. After the Winter break we move into Asia, just in time for Chinese New Year Celebrations. Next will be South America with the celebratory ending of Carnivale (Mardi Gras). We head over to Africa next and end with their Freedom Day in late April. Finally, we end the year by heading down under to study Australia.  What a wonderful way to give a framework to our language, music, movement, art, science, and geography lessons by using our seven continents as our guide. In each continent we study the land forms, climate, animals, plants, language, food, and customs.

Come visit us and see all of the above in action!  We would love to have you sit and observe the wonder, joy, and magic of a Primary Montessori classroom. :)

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